Sometimes inspiration can be found in the oddest of places, and some days, at the most inconvenient of times.

The Vernal Equinox is quickly approaching and I am sitting in my craft room making flowers for a friend’s very special occasion. I pour over photo references for color, shape and size. In a word, I want these flowers to be perfect.

It’s nap time at the Double H Cat Ranch and all is quiet, a rare opportunity for productivity, however, something is nagging at me, something my very wise husband Tom said to me when I asked him his opinion on how to make these flowers stand out, how to make them realistic.

“Don’t make them perfect. In nature, things aren’t perfect.”

So simple, so profound, and yet complex in its execution. In essence, Tom was telling that I should take my perfectly shaped flower petals, the ones that I spent hours cutting out and shading; tear them, cut into them, and crumble them to make them look real.



As I did this I watched the petals came alive in beauty and that’s when my productivity came to a screeching halt, the muse of creative writing thumped me on the back of the head and that’s when I heard a little voice screech say…

“Where is your pen, where is the paper, TAKE NOTES!”

I am not prone to easy distraction, I do not have ADD; although, I have become quiet adept at multitasking as physical limitations dictate. Quickly abondoning one activity in favor of another when my body ever so delicately SCREAMS at me to stop. However, when the muse of creative writing pops her lovely head in demanding a few minutes hours of my spare time, I drop everything thing and run to my tablet like a kitty who just heard the crunchy bowl being filled!

This my friends, was one of those times. In mid-cutting, the nap-time clock ticking loudly indicating that my window of peaceful opportunity was closing soon, I stopped flower production to share with you what I learned amid crepe paper, hot glue and flower tape.

Why in the name of all that is beautiful would I expect myself to be perfect when nature isn’t?

Flowers and trees are seiged by disease; insect infestations mar their leaves and petals. Tree trunks are bent and twisted from the storms they have bravely weathered. And yet, they stand, with their beautiful faces looking up into the radiance of the sun drinking in its warmth. Trusting in nature’s timing, the coming Spring that brings more light to each day, showers to cleanse and nourish; a rebirth of imperfection in its most perfect form.

Dear Ones, take a step in the right direction. Follow nature’s example, embrace your beauty, even in what society may deem imperfection.

My love to you all!