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Hello friends. It is I, the long-lost author of The Write Direction, she who has been, for some months, directionless. My apologies for the HUGE gap in communication. These past few months that I have wandered in wordless abandon were not without incident or powerful life lessons worthy of sharing. Many times, I had thoughts of this blog and felt pangs of remorse for not remaining communicative; but my thoughts were so fleeting I could barely see them as they passed let alone catch them in my paper ‘blogger-fly net’. I wondered if my time for sharing had come to an abrupt end when, quite unexpectedly, it happened. I awoke one morning and my paper ‘net’ was FULL to overflowing with words. Beautiful, rich and poignant, they cascaded out spilling into my journal and onto my keyboard. It was as the Heavens opened up and rained down gloriously on a hot summer’s day leaving puddles for me to splash in. Of course, I pulled off my sneakers and ran right in, despite mountains of empty boxes and packing tape that called to me from disheveled rooms. That right folks, we are moving; nearly 500 miles south and it has been this new adventure that allowed me to discover what happened to my words!

Tom, our three Maine Coon cats and I will be going to a small town just on the outskirts of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In keeping with the small town living we have grown to love over the last ten years in Pennsylvania, we will be living near Main Street dotted with an eclectic mix of shops. A place where time seems to move slower and the tea is a bit sweeter. It should come to you as no surprise that as moving day approaches and we dive deeper into purging and packing, I have been too busy for the laisse-faire existence of our Maine Coon house mates or anything in the creative realm. I have not made jam, I have not baked, save for the gluten free, dairy free, soy free bread we eat for breakfast each morning; I have not sewn a single stitch and I have not touched one sheet of card stock. So, it was just about when the first onslaught of verbal rain hit me, that I realized…

My creativity is like a one lane road

Yup, it appears that my brain has assimilated to country living as well, preferring to meander down winding, tree lined back roads than travel multi-lane interstates! Simply put, I cannot do two things at once. When I am in the throes of a sewing or paper project where creative ideas are using the cerebral HOV lane, my words are content to wait on the one lane bridge for the mama duck and her ducklings to slowly pass to the other side. Can anyone out there testify? Let me hear you say AMEN!

So, with this new understanding of how my brain works, I feel relieved knowing that I have not lost my ability to express creativity through written word and I understand to an even greater degree how important balance is in my life. Until we meet again on the WWW, may you all continue to travel in the right direction, be it on a bucolic back road or a major interstate.