The glue refused to come out of the tiny hole in the bottle tip, even though I had soaked it in hot water. I poked with every pointy ended object I could find in my craft room to no avail, the tip was clogged and nothing was flowing through it…

just like my brain these last few months.

I was frustrated, so I put my paper craft aside for another day and searched for a different creative outlet. That’s exactly what I did with this blog; when encouraging words were congealed causing an obstruction of thought somewhere between my head and my pen, I put it aside and focused my creativity in another direction while I waited for a smooth flow of thought. However, another day turned into another week, which turned into another month and then an entire SEASON. This wasn’t writer’s block; in the heart of me were words, lots of them. I had started several posts but unfortunately they were not much more than scattered thoughts that lacked continuity. That’s what chronic pain does to me, it binds my thoughts, and frustrates me.

So, what’s a creative girl to do when her brain and her glue bottle are stuck?

she soaks them!

Water, it does the body good, inside and out! The warmth of the hot tub, water aerobics, a warm shower; are all beneficial. Water between the temperatures of 92-100 degrees Fahrenheit stimulates blood flow and helps to lower cortisol levels which reduces stress.

 … she hydrates them!

Studies have indicated that even mild dehydration can cause a decrease in cognitive function. The Institute of Medicine recommends men drink 3 liters of water per day (104oz) and women 2.2 liters (72oz) per day.

… she gives it a rest!

Frequently, I get caught in a vicious cycle; pain precludes sleep and sleeplessness impairs cognitive function. Even Moi’, your infamous Lady of Perpetual Motion, shuts the craft room door, powers down the I-Pad and strives for 9 hours of sleep per night snuggling in with her Honey, her Maine Coons and chenille blanket!

… she supplements!

I work hard to balance my extra-curricular activities, but I’m not always as good at balancing my diet. Proper nutrition is imperative for optimal cognitive function. More often than not, I am ashamed to admit, when I am in pain I will opt for my favorite comfort foods (think small end of the pyramid) rather than something that is nutritionally beneficial, so I supplement my diet with vitamins and minerals specifically recommended by my Rheumatologist.

I am happy to report that after much ‘encouragement’, I was able to get the blob of glue out of tip of the bottle and have resumed work on my paper crafts. Likewise, patience and perseverance have paid off! The brain fog that I had been experiencing has lifted and I am eager to resume work on previously unfinished posts for this blog. Until next time friends, when we meet while journeying in the right direction, a bientot!