michelle nicole photography

michelle nicole photography

Spring is in the air, at least that’s what I have been told. Each day that I look out of the front window, a dichotomy of senses confronts me. I hear the birds chirping happily, but see snow on the ground; the sun is shining in a clear blue sky, but it is VERY cold. It is the middle of March, and the pellet stove is still consuming several bags of fuel each day. As I watch Tom empty the ash pit, I consider adding some to our garden for a little burst of nutrients to assist Mother Nature in hopes of expediting revival.  

I have ‘the bug’, as my mother used to call it. The desire for warmer temperatures, to see buds on the trees, bits of green popping up in the garden and that crisp air smell throughout the house from opened windows. Yesterday I instinctively started spring-cleaning, despite the near zero wind chill The PA Tundra was experiencing, clearing out the old, preparing for the new. As I sorted through holiday cards, letters and photos, reflecting on cherished memories, I found an article that I had printed and saved which made me think about my own spring; my revival, my proverbial rise from the ashes, my ever-evolving healing. I want to share it with you friends, in hopes that it will help you as you search for your spring in the midst of chronic pain and illness. The article is of unknown author and origins, so I cannot give credit where it is due, and was no doubt from written from a Christian perspective, views that I share, however; I will not quote it verbatim so not to offend readers with other beliefs. It is my hope and prayer that as you read this you will find some measure of comfort as you take steps in the right direction to move through the dormancy of winter into re-birth, newness of life…Spring!        With warmth and love – Janet


It is natural to desire healing when you are suffering from any illness or injury. The pain and frustration of not having a healthy body can be intense, so you pray for relief. You believe that you can be healed, have seen others healed, but what if no healing comes your way? Does this mean that you do not have enough faith to be healed? Don’t assume so. Many people with great faith never receive the healing they hope and pray for, but remain afflicted to accomplish a greater purpose for them and those who care for them. Even if you never experience healing, here’s what you can do…

Accept the pain.  Don’t fight against this pain that the Creator has allowed, instead, accept it and ask for the strength to go through it, and the grace to benefit from it.

Break free from shame. Don’t let people make you feel bad about yourself because they doubt your problems or think your illness or injury is deserved or a lack of faith on your part. Rest assured that the Creator only, has the right to judge.

Seek peace even when you are suffering. Desire to be greater than the pain, asking the Creator to replace the pain with peace.

Discover the benefits of suffering. Suffering can remind us of the strength that lies within us, that our Creator can meet us in the midst of our weakness and empower us restoring the beauty that pain stole from us.

Gain strength as we journey.  Even when suffering is unending, we can get through it because our Creator is with us throughout our journey. Remember that we have a purpose despite our injury or illness, and can be used to help others through our suffering.

Use your pain to bring joy.  While illness or injury limits you, there is no limit to the amount of joy that you can bring to each moment. Live with gratitude for each moment, acknowledge every breath as a gift, be teachable seeking to learn, filled with child-like wonder, about everything the Creator made including you!

Regain the right perspective on your circumstances when you become discouraged.  Learn to see the need for, and seek encouragement when it is needed. Refuse to focus on your fears, instead, focus on the presence of the Creator who is always with you. Rather than dwelling on your own problems, learn more about how some other people are suffering and reach beyond yourself to help them.

Help others who are hurting.  We are all connected with many people daily through work, school, church, recreation and family. Identify the people who are hurting in these communities and reach out to them, asking the Creator to empower you to help carry their burdens by meeting whatever needs they have in a practical way.